Walking FAQs

Why is walking your dog daily important?

A daily exercise routine is very important for a dog. A dog that is left inside all day without any exercise and stimulation will become irritable and less likely to follow your commands. Not only is it important that a dog receive at least 30 minutes of play time a day to exert all of his/her stress and excess energy, but exercise is essential in maintaining a dog’s health.  Daily exercise leads to joint health, heart health, and increased lung function.  Don’t think of dog walking as just playtime for your dog, but as a maintenance program to keep your dog healthy and strong! 

Why is having your dog walked by Pawsitively Marvelous important for YOU?

Let’s face it; a bored dog will most likely lead to a destructive dog. Destruction can mean many things. It could mean your dog has “accidents,” or your houseplants are being trimmed by your dog’s teeth instead of pruning shears, or your favorite pillow has just seen its last pillow fight. The behaviors that you, as a dog owner, consider destructive and bad are just signs that your dog is bored.  Dogs need to have their brains teased and their muscles exercised, just like their human counterparts.

This is where Pawsitively Marvelous steps in.  Pawsitively Marvelous was created to give dogs an opportunity to grow, exercise, and socialize during the day while you are away. With the dog walking Pawsitively Marvelous provides, your dog will get plenty of fresh air, off-leash exercise, and socialization. All of these activities will provide your dog with an outlet for his/her abundant energy, creating a healthy, happy dog, most likely diminishing the chances of destructive behavior and loneliness during the day.

Why should you choose Pawsitively Marvelous?

Pawsitively Marvelous creates a loving and safe environment for your dog. As a dog owner, you need to know that your dog is in capable and caring hands while you are away at work. Our clients do not need to worry about rushing home at the end of the day because they can feel secure knowing their dog's needs have been met. Our clients reap the reward of our services with a tired, healthy dog at the end of the day.