Walk Details

The Walks

The walks will last for approximately 60 minutes. This means your dog will get one hour of sniffing, frolicking in the grass, catching a ball, and/or playing with his/her pack friends. Pack walk destinations range from Stern grove to Golden Gate Park and Fort Funston to Ocean Beach. Group walks will stay small and be based on Animal Care and Control guidelines, allowing for more individualized attention. We will match the packs so each dog will have the best possible playmates. Dogs will be able to play together, while receiving basic training and socialization skills. Although we accept dogs of all sizes, we believe that smaller dogs need to have fun too, so we have created safe adventures tailored to their own needs.

Safety Requirements

It is very important that we keep all of the dogs in a safe and healthy environment. Therefore, we ask that your dog have the following before joining our pack:

Be a minimum of four months of age
Be spayed or neutered if 6 months or older
Be social (Group walks are best for dogs that actively enjoy the company of other dogs.)