About Us


The Company, Pawsitively Marvelous

It is Pawsitively Marvelous’s mission to give our human clients the peace of mind that their dog is in capable hands during the day, getting the needed exercise to be a happy healthy dog! Pawsitively Marvelous recognizes that all dogs need exercise to be strong and healthy, emotionally and physically. You can be assured that your dog has had a great day playing with his/her friends and getting the necessary exercise needed to maintain his/her health. Remember that a tired dog equals a stress-free, happy owner! We want your “end of the day” experience at home to be greeted with a tail wag and kisses. 


Michelle Ruth, Owner

I am a graduate of San Diego State University, where I earned a degree in Art History and Marketing. I am happy to have found my calling in working with dogs.  A long-time member of the corporate world, I have been able to take my work experience and transfer it to the dog world. I have a strong work ethic and run an efficient and effective business with an emphasis on customer service and attention to detail.  I am a certified dog walker with DogTEC and have my certification in dog first aid.  I am also GGNRA permit approved so the packs and I can have access to all the beaches and parks.  I have completed a mentorship program with Sanford Johnson, professional dog walker since 1993 and owner of Sunset Pet Supply. Currently, I am a member of the Crissy Field Dog Group, Fort Funston Dogs, SFDogs, and Dog Pro.